Baby carriers - Advantages of babywearing

Why carry your child in a baby carrier?

The first reason seems obvious: to have your hands free! A good wrap allows us to accomplish our daily tasks while meeting our little one's need for closeness. With a toddler, carrying can allow us, for example, to do our shopping with peace of mind: we know at all times where our little treasure is!

The baby sling helps the newborn to regulate its temperature and greatly helps with breastfeeding. Indeed, having baby so close stimulates milk production and allows us to decode the signs of hunger very early, before baby is completely hungry. It is even possible to breastfeed discreetly in the sling or the baby carrier, which can be very practical! Carrying your baby even increases the feeling of parental competence (for both mom and dad): having baby so close allows us to get to know him better and understand his needs. Carried children generally cry less and interact more easily with those around them. Dads who use the baby sling can thus develop a beautiful relationship with their baby and…give mom a little well-deserved rest!

On the physiological side, carrying stimulates muscle tone, the vestibular system (orientation in relation to the vertical and balance) and the entire sensory system. Since baby is at adult height, he participates from birth in interactions and daily life.