Minimo I take care of my animal

Minimo I take care of my animal

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My pet also has the right to be happy!

The 4 magnets I take care of my pet will help you work on the good habit with your mini that your animal is neither a toy nor a piece of furniture. And that he too needs attention and care.

With the magnet I give time to my animal , you make your little one aware of the idea that the animal is a living being that needs attention and gentleness. While respecting this little creature, you and your mini can learn to play with your pet.

With the magnet I brush my pet , you can delegate the brushing step to your little one. Indeed, we all know that most animals lose a lot of hair and it is not always up to you to ensure that the house is not covered with it everywhere! With your little one, take on the challenge of teaching him how to gently brush his pet and the positive impact this has on him, on you and on the house!

With the magnet I clean his space , you make your little one responsible for taking care of his pet's living space. If you're always the one cleaning their litter box, take the opportunity to introduce your little one to the good habit of cleaning your pet's space. Do it together so he learns to do it on his own one day!

With the magnet I feed my pet , you will teach your little one how important it is for your pet to eat and drink. As it is not a plush toy, it allows you to work with your mini on the idea that the animal is also a living being with needs

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