Minimo Magnetic Visual Timer

Minimo Magnetic Visual Timer

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The best friend of your Minimo tools!

The Minimo Magnetic Visual Timer has a super power! Thanks to its unique magnetic button , you can easily display the current task and thus provide mini with an easy-to-understand visual cue. By combining it with your favorite Minimo tools (with the My daily routine set, among others!), it gives your child even more motivation and pleasure in accomplishing their tasks.
"Can you complete your entire morning routine before the timer goes off?" » Time optimization guaranteed!

The perfect tool to help children visualize the time that passes... And the time that remains.

  • Routine ticking serves as an auditory cue for the child to stay focused on the task
  • A magnetic button to display the current task using your favorite Minimo magnets
  • Motivating colors that make you want to use it
  • A practical magnetic box that can be installed on a table as well as on the fridge
  • Mechanical mechanism that does not require batteries

The best ally of parents and childhood professionals in organizing an effective routine with the minis!

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