Cha Yi Fruisane F-Bomb

Cha Yi Fruisane F-Bomb

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The H-bomb is outdated: it's not war we want, it's fruit!! This exclusive iced tea blend is a true blast of its kind. Its beautiful pink color simply evokes the juiciest, tangiest and sweetest strawberries that exist... and the edges of swimming pools in the sun. With no added sugar and less calories (and cheaper!) than fruit juice, - in addition to being caffeine-free - young and old alike can finally celebrate the summer season, with a glass of Bombe F in hand!

50g = 5 liters of iced tea!

Composition: Strawberry, kiwi, apple, rosehip, hibiscus, natural flavors.


Brew your homemade iced tea to perfection!

Enjoy the benefits of tea and other infusions even during the hot season! Thirst-quenching and inexpensive, iced tea is simple to prepare:

  • Use 1 tbsp. of your favorite tea or herbal tea for 250 ml of water;
  • Pour cold water over the leaves;
  • Sweeten to taste;
  • Place in refrigerator to cold brew 8-10 hours;
  • Filter and enjoy!
NB If you want a faster iced tea, you can also make a hot brew by following the brew settings on the bag or in the product description on our webshop. Then you just have to let it cool.

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