Minimo I take care of myself

Minimo I take care of myself

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A healthy body and a healthy mind!

The 4 magnets I take care of myself will allow your little one to learn rules essential to their health. He will also be able to try out activities that he would not do intuitively!

With the magnet I'm moving , your little one will be able to take up the challenge of finding a good sporting habit. Maybe he will need time to find what he likes, but in any case it will allow him to discover sports!

With the magnet I'm having a nice sleep , your little one will be able to realize that a good night's sleep is above all a good engine and good energy for the day ahead. You can use this magnet to alleviate crises before bed by explaining to him how much you look forward to seeing him the next day with a smiling and rested face!

With the magnet I taste , you can introduce your little one (and yourself!) to taste a food that he doesn't know or that he thinks he doesn't like. Sometimes you taste it once, then you don't like it, but you just need to change an ingredient to discover that you like it! Give him the chance to form a new habit and try a new food every month.

With the magnet I vary my activities , you can establish the good habit at home of carrying out different activities. For example, you can work on the time your little one spends in front of the screen by offering him an alternative, such as reading a book, drawing

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