Öko Créations Reusable Toilet Paper

Öko Créations Reusable Toilet Paper

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OUR Colorful Reusable Toilet Paper includes 8 sheets of cotton flannel available in 4 colors; 2 blue sheets, 2 green sheets, 2 red sheets and 2 purple sheets.

Instructions for use with a bidet:

1. We relieve ourselves;
2. Rinse with the bidet;
3. We wipe off the water with the hygienic tissue;
4. Place the fabric in a basket or wet-bag while waiting for washing;
5. Let's start again! It's simple!

Without a bidet, you simply wipe yourself as you would with disposable paper, then jump to step 4!

  • Made in Quebec;
  • Set of 8 colored units
  • Double layer of 100% organic cotton flannel
  • Without packaging (tied in a roll with a cotton ribbon).

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