Planette Marseille soap

Planette Marseille soap

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Planet offers us a real Block of Household Marseille Soap made with 72% olive oil. He is without packaging, and so A essential zero waste . It is an outstanding stain remover; It removes all stains such as blood, grass, red wine, fruit, etc. Also, it is very effective for oil and grease stains. Made with olive oil, this soap does not foam much and will last you several years!

The Marseille soap that we use does not contain glycerin. This produced naturally during the hot saponification process is removed at the same time as the impurities. Thus, this soap does not clog surfaces, clothing, or device piping .

Its properties: cleaner, disinfectant, biodegradable in 28 days, hypoallergenic, degreaser and durable!

Real Marseille soap does not contain
• No coloring
• No synthetic adjuvants
• No animal fat
• No additives
• No synthetic fragrance
• No preservatives

The block is your ally for
– take off clothes
– detach reusable accessories
– Make a “dish cake” so use it to wash your dishes with a scouring pad

Tip from the Planette family!
Cut your block into various pieces! Considering the fact that this soap doesn't lather much it is very durable so even a thick slice can last for weeks! Put some in the laundry room, at the cottage or even in your handbag to miraculously remove a tomato sauce stain from your blouse! A versatile product to have on hand!

Ingredients : Fatty acids from olive oil sodium salts, Fatty acids from vegetable oil sodium salts, Salt water.

Size : 300g *

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