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Green Mouse Teething

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Tooth breakthrough can go unnoticed in some babies and be catastrophic for others. This formula is made from herbs traditionally known to relieve children during dental breakthroughs. The drops can be given in prevention, as soon as the gums suggest a rise of the teeth, or only as needed when the inflammation is already present. Massaging the gum with the extract calms inflammation and pain.

Why does it work?

  • Organic chamomile and marshmallow extracts relieve inflammation and have a calming effect

Furthermore :

  • Alcohol-free.
  • The unique cold percolation process, under vacuum in a base of water and certified vegetable glycerine, allows the product to be stable for four years. It is recommended to refrigerate the product after opening to preserve freshness.
  • Our extracts do not contain any added flavor which allows them to be incorporated, if necessary, into pure or boiled water (for children), breast milk or infant formula, or even vegetable or milk juice. fruits.
  • The herbs that make up our extracts have long been used with children for their mildness, tolerance and safety.
  • 100% natural.
  • No synthetic dyes, fragrances or preservatives. No nut oils or petroleum products.
  • 100% of the plants are certified organic.
  • This product is recognized by Health Canada as meeting exceptional quality control.

Medicinal ingredients: for 1 ml:

Chamomile* (Matricaria chamomilla) Extract: 1:12.5 (Flowers)………………………..80 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Vegetable glycerin, Purified water, Marshmallow, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate (food grade preservative), Citric acid.

*Organic plants verified by OCQV

Contraindication: Do not use in case of allergy to the Asteraceae or Compositae (yellow daisy) family.

50mL format: 1 mL = 1 Pipette

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